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Draigcon 2010 Summary of Scheduled events etc.
Dates of Event Friday the 30th April to Monday inclusive 3rd of May 2010
Friday 2 Sessions a 1.00pm Session and a 6.15pm session
The Night session on the friday night is a Pizza Con for all level 1 to 4 players only it costs $7.50 for Pizza and if Possible i would like to know at least 3 days in advance how many will be playing so i can order the pizzas in advance Thankyou


Con exclusive interactive added after the form was finalized, therefore is not on the form. You will need to leave it blank if you are playing the special which is a two rounder on Saturday from 1:30pm. All levels 1 - 17.

ADCP2-1 The Paladins' Plague
Living Forgotten Realms - The leaders of Elturel are concerned about the
plagueland a few miles outside the city, which has recently begun spewing out
even more twisted monstrosities than usual. The paladins have put out a call for
adventuring companies to send their best and bravest explorers to venture to the
border, if not into the plagueland itself.
 The expedition's charter is to bring back any information about the horrors within and what might be causing the increase in Spellplague activity. This is a very dangerous assignment, but also one that offers adventurers the chance to make a name for themselves by braving
one of the most dangerous and least understood threats in all of Faerun – an active plagueland.
 It is not required for any character to be a member of an
Adventuring Company in order to participate, but tables where at least four
characters are members of the same Adventuring Company will receive an
additional benefit.
 A convention-only, two-round continuous-play 

LIVING FORGOTTEN REALMS BATTLE INTERACTIVE set in Elturel for characters levels 1-17.
This adventure at D&D Experience 2010 will contain unique certificates, unique
magic items, and unique titles that will not be in the released version later in
the year. This adventure takes place after the events in SPEC2-1 and is
recommended you play it first though it is not required.