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Yugioh League – Weekly

Our weekly Yugioh events are great for beginners and players of all ages. Entry is by booster purchase. If you're interested in playing Yugioh and are not sure where to start this is a great way to meet other players and learn the game, or if you’re already a player why not bring a friend to join in the fun.



Every Tuesday between 6:30pm and 10:30pm

Entry by Booster Purchase



These are sanctioned events and standard rules do apply, however rule enforcement is typically more casual than tournament events. Additional information regarding rules, current set lists and more can be found online at the link below. Casual League days are also available for small groups (call the store to book).


Savage Strike Sneak Peek – Weekend

Come on down and get your first look at Savage Strike for Yugioh. This event is open to all players and is a great way to get your hands on all the new cards and try out all new strategies before the official release. This is a sealed tournament event, everything you need to construct a deck and play is covered by entry.

26 th January 2019: Saturday 4.00pm
27 th January 2019 ,Sunday 11:00am
Entry is $35, this covers your 5 booster sealed kit plus 2 Boosters and Pre Release card for FINISHING THE TOURNAMENT ONLY.

Alsoa play mat for 1st and Possible random for each extra 8 players after the first 8.

Each player receives 5 boosters to construct a deck and compete in a multiple round tournament. Players receive approx 30 mins for deck construction, rounds are 60 mins each. This is a sanctioned event and standard yugioh TCG rules do apply. more info can be found at the link below

Every player is awarded two additional booster prize upon completing the event, one special promo card is available on finishing the event there is also a special promo mat awarded to the first place of both events. (all prizes are available while stock lasts) plus a n extra playmat for random prize for each extra eight players.


So bring a heap of friends and play more chances to  win the play mats.

You can pre-register for this event by calling us at Fastbreak sports, visiting us in store or messaging us by email or on Facebook, just include your full name, league Id and the event name/time. Very Limited Spots.

The pre-release promo card is limited to 1 per player and is awarded by order of registration and participation in the event, (stocks are limited). This event is for players or parents of players only, store trade is as per normal for those in the event. runner ups or random mats may be awarded, for every additional eight players in the event one mat becomes available, (while stock lasts






Yugioh - Store Championships



Every second Saturday (unless otherwise stated)

4th June, Saturday 4:00pm
18th June, Saturday 4:00pm
Entry $10



Every player wins at least one booster and an astral pack, not to mention tournament points for competing.



These are sanctioned tournaments, standard rules and ban lists do apply. Additional information regarding rules, current set lists and more can be found online at the link below.